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E-LONG established in 1975 by 5 employees with the capital USD$25,000, is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Now we have grown to be one of the most competitive manufacturers in the field in Taiwan and China.

We are a professional manufacturer of electrical parts for home appliance, such as wire harness, heater technologies, power cord and small injection molded component (like lamp socket) for refrigerator, air condition, and washing machine.

We started exporting our products to Japan and also south-east Asian markets from 1985. Nowadays, we offer our products not only for home appliance manufacturers but also for commercial refrigeration and food service equipment suppliers. We are certified to global standards including UL, ISO 9002: 2000, and etc.

We set up our China factory in Dong-Guang in 1994. Besides cost reduction, we provide engineering solution, quality improvement, inventory reduction, and on-time delivery for the customers all over the world to make our services something different. We are nearly 30 years in business, and we hope to be of help to you in the near coming future.



Year of foundation:1975
Capital:USD$ 2 million
Taipei, Taiwan
Dong Guang, China
80 persons in corporate head quarter (Taiwan)
80 persons in manufacturer center (China)
2,500m2 in Taipei
3,500m2 in China
ProductsElectric parts for home appliance
Wire harness and power cord for 3C products
Defrost, dew-point, drain pan, and any other thermo-preservation heater for refrigerator, freezer, panel heater, coffee maker and etc.
(Foil heater, toilet heater, belt heater, cord heater, heater wire and etc.)
Small injection molded component (Lamp socket)
Bimetal\Thermal fuse assembly
Extrusion machine
Injection machine
NC wire cutting machine
Through the home appliance manufacturers, we make your life comfortable - warm, cool, bright and powered !

1975 E-LONG established at San Chung city, Taipei Hsien with a capital of US$25,000. Providing wire harnesse
1978 Plant moved to Shih Pai, Pei-tou Dist, Taipei City with the capital expanded to US$125,000. Increase production of defrosting heaters, bimetal/ thermal fuse assembly, small injection molding components (lamp sockets) and power cords of refrigerator for Taiwan domestic and also for Japanese home appliance manufacturers.
1985 Plant moved to Chung Yang S Rd., Pei-tou Dist., Taipei City with the capital expanded to US$250,000 and officially gained the factory registration. Started the exporting to south-east Asia (Philippine, Malaysia, and Indonesia), and also to Japan market.
1988 Established a joint venture “E-Tong” to produce copper pipes of air conditioner and refrigerator for Taiwan domestic home appliance manufacturer.
1989 Established E-DOW Enterprise Co., Ltd as a trading company of E-LONG. Integrating and operating the import and export business.
1994 Constructed E-SHEN Plastic& Electronic Factory in Dong-Guang City, Guan-Dong Province, China. Producing wire harnesses, lamp sockets, and foil heaters for Japan market.
1996 Head office was moved to Da-Yeh Rd., Pei-tou Dist., with the capital expanded to US$1,250,000 and acquired the certification of ISO-9002 certification.
1998 E-SHEN acquired the Japan T-Mark certification.
2001 E-LONG heater wire acquired UL certification.
2003 Both E-LONG and E-SHEN acquired ISO-9001 certification 2000 version.
2004 Start the alliance with Dongguan Nice Fountain Electronic Factory, which is producing coaxial cable, audio cable and multi-core shield cable for RF, audio/video and data communication cable in China.
ISO 9001
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